# Installing Connectors

Speckle Connectors can be installed from Speckle Manager, a standalone desktop application, or individually. While Manager isn't strictly required to use the Speckle platform, we highly recommend using it to help keep track of your connectors, install the latest updates and handle multiple user accounts.


This guide assumes you have a Speckle Account. If you don't, register on our free XYZ Speckle server (opens new window).

# Download

Manager is available for both Windows and Mac (with limitations).


Manager does not require admin privileges! Just double click and run to install it.

Download Speckle Manager and any of our connectors from our:

Manager for Windows will prompt you to update when an update is available, in Mac you'll need to manually install new versions.

Last Updated: 3/22/2022, 12:21:20 PM