# AutoCAD & Civil 3D

Speckle currently supports Autodesk AutoCAD 2021 and Civil 3D 2021.

This connector is currently in alpha with limited functionality.

# Getting Started

To install this connector and add your Speckle account, follow the instructions in Speckle Manager. Once installed, you can find this connector in the Add-ins tab under Speckle 2. Click the plugin button to call the Speckle Desktop UI for sending and receiving streams.

# User Interface


This connector uses our shared Desktop UI. Read up on general guidelines for usage in the Desktop UI section.

# Sending data

The AutoCAD Civil3D connector supports selection filtering by layer.

# Receiving data

Geometry from streams will be added to AutoCAD / Civil3D layers starting with a prefix with the following format:

stream[ branch @ commit id ]

Any layer information from the incoming stream will be appended to the prefix with the standard AutoCAD delimiter $. When recieving from applications (like Rhino) with nested layers, the incoming full layer path will replace any default delimiters with $.

# Supported elements


Geometry Send Receive Status
Point x x Complete
Line x x Complete
Arc x x Complete
Circle x x Complete
Ellipse x x Complete
Polyline x x Complete
Polycurve x x Complete
Spline x x Complete
Plane Surface x In Progress
Nurb Surface x In Progress
PolyFace Mesh x In Progress
SubD Mesh x In Progress
Other Send Receive Status
BlockInstance x x Complete
BlockDefinition x x Complete


Geometry Send Receive Status
Featureline x In Progress
Alignment In Progress
Profile In Progress
Tin Surface In Progress
Grid Surface In Progress
Pipe In Progress

# Unsupported elements


Breps, hatches, labels, and annotations are not supported, as well as any unlisted element. Dynamic and nested blocks are not supported at this time.


Subassemblies and Assemblies are not supported.

# Things to keep in mind

The AutoCAD Civil3D connector is very early stages, expect some 🐛s during use! Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome in our community Discourse (opens new window)!

Last Updated: 4/19/2021, 10:50:15 PM