# Introduction

One of Speckle's most popular features is the ability to view gorgeous 3D models directly in your web browser. The Speckle viewer is the component that makes this possible, rendering large 3D models in your browser at rapid speeds.

Speckle has made the Speckle viewer available as an Open Source project and freely available component which you can use within your own code or website.

This section of the documentation explains what the Speckle viewer is and how to build upon it. We provide full documentation, explaining the concepts behind its design, introducing some simple and more advanced examples, and providing comprehensive documentation of its Application Programming Interface (API).


We use embedded live code sandboxes across the documentation to exemplify and provide live code that you can better understand. Depending on the browser you use and/or any extensions you might have installed, these embeds might fail to work correctly

🆕 You can now access the viewer sandbox from here: https://viewer.speckle.systems/