# (deprecated) Deploying a Server - DigitalOcean Marketplace App


As of April 2024 Speckle has deprecated the DigitalOcean Marketplace App. We instead recommend following our deployment guide using Docker Compose.

If you need help exploring your options for running and managing a Speckle server, we can help (opens new window)!

The following provides details on how to maintain an existing DigitalOcean Marketplace App deployment.

# Prerequisites

  • [Required] A DigitalOcean (opens new window) account.
  • [Required] An existing DigitalOcean Droplet deployed from the Speckle Server Marketplace App prior to April 2024.

# Configure your Server

  • Login with ssh into the droplet to configure it.

To reconfigure the server, you can run this ssh command:


If you encounter any issue, have any question or just want to say hi, reach out in our forum (opens new window).