# FAQs

# The Speckle Server is unreachable

When a Speckle Server is unreachable a few things could be going on.

If you cannot access the server from your browser or from Speckle Manager:

  • Firstly, check you are online by visiting other websites.
  • Make sure the server address is not blocked by a corporate firewall, proxy or VPN, by either trying to access it via a different network (eg mobile network) or by contacting your IT department.
  • The server could be down! If it's hosted by us, we're most likely working on it already. If it's hosted by your company, please reach out to them.

If the server address is blocked by a corporate firewall, proxy or VPN, kindly ask your IT department to allowlist the following domains and subdomains that Speckle uses:

  • speckle.xyz (critical)
  • speckle-releases.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com (critical)
  • speckle.systems
  • speckle.dev
  • speckle.community

For any more questions about this, feel free to contact us (opens new window)!

# I can't add an account in Speckle Manager

Check our troubleshooting section for Speckle Manager.

# How do I merge two branches in Speckle

Currently, commits, branches or streams cannot be merged via Speckle, but you can do so in most authoring software supported by Speckle. For instance, you can manually merge two branches (or even streams) easily in Grasshopper.

# Why can't I see anything in the 3D Viewer?

Our 3D Viewer only supports visualizing geometry. If you're sending any data that doesn't have a supported geometrical representation it will not be visible, for example when sending a list of Levels or Revit Family and Type names. You'll always be able to explore the raw data of a Stream in the JSON editor inside the commit page.

# I forgot my password 🤔

This time over, we've got you covered: just go to the password reset page (opens new window)!

# More questions?

We source them from all the feedback we get. Head over to the forum and post one (opens new window)!

Last Updated: 9/16/2021, 11:18:11 AM