# General Settings

These general settings for the Visual provide you with various options to customize its appearance, layout, effects, and accessibility, allowing you to tailor the visual's presentation and user experience in your Power BI report.

These settings are common for every Power BI visual. So we won’t explain each and every one. Instead, we’ll only highlight those we think are related to the Viewer.

# Properties

  • Size: Adjust the dimensions of the 3D Viewer Visual.
  • Padding: Defines the spacing between the content of the visual and its outer boundaries.

# Title

  • Title: Allows you to set a title for the 3D Viewer Visual. By default, it is off.
  • Subtitle: Enables you to add an additional line of text below the title. You can use the subtitle to provide more context or supplementary information related to the visual.

# Effects

  • Background: Allows you to set a specific color as the background of the 3D Viewer Visual.
  • Visual Border: Adds a border around the 3D Viewer Visual.