# Frequently Asked Questions - Revit Connector

  1. Can I upload my Revit files to Speckle?

    Speckle has the capability to upload files for certain formats, but unfortunately, we cannot support the Revit file format (.rvt) due to its proprietary nature. Speckle is an open-source project and therefore you need to use our connectors to upload your data onto our platform.

  2. Does Revit Connector support materials/textures?

    Revit Connector support materials and we are working on supporting textures in the near future. So when you publish your data to Speckle, Revit materials will be included too.

  3. Can I send Linked Models from Revit?

    Yes, you can. Under Advanced Settings, enable “Send Linked Models” option. Linked models will be included when sending your model to Speckle. Check Linked Models (opens new window) section.

  4. Does Revit Connector support Family Editor?

    Yes. Geometry can be sent and received from Family environment in Revit with certain limitations. Refer to the Support Table (opens new window) for more information.

  5. Does Revit Connector support Design Options?

    Yes. Please refer to Design Options (opens new window) page for further details.

  6. How do I install Revit Connector for all users? Manager for Speckle installs connectors for Current user only. Please refer to System Wide Installations page, to learn about installing the Revit Connector for all users.

  7. How to uninstall Revit Connector?

    You can uninstall Revit Connector either using Manager or from the Installed Apps dialog.

    Deleting via Manager

    1. Open Manager.
    2. Select Revit Connector.
    3. Click Uninstall.

    Deleting from Installed Apps

    1. In the Windows search bar, search and select “Add or Remove Programs”.
    2. Search for Speckle for Revit.
    3. Click on the dots (…) next to it.
    4. Select Uninstall.